Meet Takunda Nyakauru AkA Jedza the Notorious

1. Who is Takunda Nyakauru aka Jedza

Who exactly is Takunda Nyakauru AkA Jedza the Notorious
Image of Takunda

Jedza real name Takunda Claudi Nyakauru he was born in 1998 he is 26 years old as of 2024.  He is a commedian best known for playing the role of Jedza at naizaboom films but is currently acting at Skwatta Tv. [1]

2. Early life of Takunda

Takunda was born on the 11nth of May he is 26 years old,  his exact date of birth is unknown at the moment. He grew up in High Fields and later moved to Chitungwiza where he started acting. Nothing much is known about his early childhood and family members or relatives.

3. Education of Jedza

Jedza grew up in Chitungwiza and we assume that he must have had his education there.  Though there is no information concerning his education. It is unknown when and where exactly did he attend his primary and secondary education.

4. Acting Career of Jedza

He started acting in the year 2019 when he met his friend Tatenda Mutasa aka Solo. He introduced him to Naizaboom Studios and joined the acting alongside other actors. Takunda participated in Jedza the notorious maid, Shamwari yepa Moyo, and life of regret. He worked with other comedians including Dhafu,  Jatiwero and Matsanga.

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5. Why Jedza left Naizaboom

Who exactly is Takunda Nyakauru AkA Jedza the Notorious
Image of Takunda Nyakauru

The actual reason why Takunda left naizaboom is really unknown.  The director when he was asked he said Jedza would come back. According to the director he left in a good manner as he told the director he wanted to try something else out there. He said he was doing some side hustle but he said if he is available people will see him on the shootings. Currently Jedza is working on Skwatta Tv doing some Skits there. [2]

6. Personal Life

Jedza is not yet married but it is unknown whether he has a girlfriend or not. But according to other Youtubers he is single at the moment it is unknown if he is looking for someone or not for those who want him.

7. Social media of Takunda

Takunda is on Instagram @jedza_nbfilms. There are his posts and his fellow actors from Naizaboom films. He has 246 posts in his account with 27.1K followers and following 7427. You can reach him on facebook as well at Jedza the Notorious (Chazezesa). On his facebook acount he has 76K followers and 23 following.

8. Controversy

Jedza was said he had done some money rituals in Chipinge, Zimbabwe to be rich. This was according to Youtubers but he did not go there he was just shooting and they took a scene where by he was painted white all over the body. He was once rumored to be dead in real life but he wasn’t.  That moment he was shooting Burried alive at naizaboom and people took the part when  he was in a coffin and said he was dead.

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