Uncle Saint rose to fame from a Truck driver, Pastor to Content Creator

Uncle Saint Biography
Uncle Saint Biography

Early life and education of Uncle Saint

Uncle Saint real name Steven Fereminga Bushu is a Zimbabwean content creator, pastor, evhangelist and a father well-known for his Youtube Channel @Uncle Saint . Steven was born and raised in Kadoma, in Zimbabwe. He was born in Kadoma general Hospital .

Uncle Saint went to Waverley Primary school in Kadoma his headmaster was Mr Mpundu. He went to Waverly high school in 2001 which is now called Tirimuka 3 was once Witness Rukarwa. Uncle Saint reached O level on educational level. [1]

Career Journey

After school he started working staying in Chisumbanje, Kwacheche in Zimbabwe. He stayed with his brother and worked in Triangle. He then went to Limpopo to find some job and went back to Zimbabwe in 2010. Saint then met a beautiful lady and they stayed together and have children. He then after that had a calling and went to Bible College at International School Ministries. He went there to study theology and became a pastor. Uncle Saint was encouraged to do bible study by the way he was raised where by his parents were Christians.

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His father passed away and he’s now left with his mother. Steven started preaching in his childhood church during church services when he was 9 years old. His father was also a preacher during those times. Steven started driving trucks when he went to Durban and also went to Dubai. He was staying in Deira, in Dhubai driving trucks. He went back to Zimbabwe during Covid-19. Steven is an Evangelist who evangelizes the gospel in different places. He doesn’t have his own Ministry but he gets invitations from other Ministries. According to his interview he is following his father’s footsteps where by he was helping the needy and also was a preacher.

How he started Content Creator

Uncle Saint started doing some projects when he went back to Zimbabwe. He started helping less privileged, orphans and many other people who were in need. He posts on his social media in order to find help from other people who are willing to help those people. His job is to post on social media and if there are organizations who can help they then contact him. Uncle saint said the purpose of posting is also to teach and demonstrate love to people not by preaching but practical. [2]

Social media

Steven is on YouTube and his channel is @Saint Tv. His channel has 115K subscribers and that’s where he posts the less privileged in Zimbabwean helping them and all around the world. On facebook its Saint Tv(Uncle Saint). He has 269K followers with 27 following. On Instagram is also @saint tv official with 165 posts and has 4514 followers and following 77.

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