The reason why Four Seasons Media left Naizaboom Films


There are many differences between these four people why they left their previous YouTube channel and created their own. Netsai, Jatiwero, Vhovho and Ozemwa used to work with Naizaboom for the past 6 years. They acted so many films with Naizaboom but after such a long Journey the four decided to depart because of each of them’s own personal reasons. Here is why They Left Naizaboom.

This are their reasons why they separated from Naizaboom as individuals.

The reason why they left Naizaboom
Image of Jati, Netsai, Vhovho and Ozemwa

According to Jatiwero he left Naiza because of the salary he was receiving was not enough. Jatiwero explained at Saint TV that he felt like their director was not open and was hiding some information about their channel and how he is managing the money. He said he’s director would give them money separately and secretly so he thinks it was not fair and besides that the money was too small. Jatiwero said they would give him $50 dollars which was not enough to support his family. He sais he has a child and a mother to take of and $50 is not enough even to pay rent. He said they used to pay him $200 to 300 but suddenly things just changed and he wasn’t able to take it anymore. [1]

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Netsai said she has plans for her life so she saw that things were also not balancing on her side. So she just thought of moving aside and try new things where she can get enough. All these four their main reason is salary. Vhovho said she also wants to support her family. She said its been a long time acting with Naizaboom but now the salary is not balancing.

Same with Ozemwa he left because he said the salary has decreased. He said they were now given 50 to 30 dollars which was not enough. Ozemwa said he has a wife with kids to support. He said they need to eat and wear but the money wasn’t balancing at all so he left Naizaboom. These are the reasons why these four separated from their longtime production.

Where Are they Now

These four actors are now acting on their new channel on Youtube named Four seasons media. They are making more comedy skits, dramas and Movies alongside other actors from other channels. They are also hiring new actors to collaborate with them for their Channel to grow.

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