6 Important Facts about Patrick Sanku Bokaba


1. Who is Patrick Sanku and Early life

6 Important Facts about Patrick Sanku Bokaba
Image of Patrick

Patrick Sanku Bokaba is a South African International actor, Playwright,  Director and a musician best and currently known as Andries from Scandal on etv. Patrick was born and  raised in Attregeville, Pretoria in Gauteng province,  South Africa. His date of birth is unknown meaning he’s age is not known as well. [1]

2. Education

Patrick attended at Unisa, University of South Africa where he studied music. He went to Dr WF Nkomo. Nothing much is known about his educational background it is unknown when and where he attended his primary and Secondary school.

3. Career of Patrick Sanku Bokaba

6 Important Facts about Patrick Sanku Bokaba
Image of Advocate Bopape

Patrick is a South African former actor at TV, Film, and Stage from 1st of January 1995 to 2013. He is popular known as Advocate Bopape on Skeem Saam. He has acted in many TV and Film productions both local and international. Patrick wrote and directed over 12 Plays. He was awarded with  Best  Actor award  in 2018 in Bulgaria for the Musical madhouse. Patrick is  currently playing the role of Andries Mokone on  Scandal etv. He is Nhlamulo’s father on Scandal and Mihloti’s husband, Nhlamulo’s mother.

Patrick is now focused on music alot. He released his first single Besuka in 2020. It was released on all major ditital music platforms .He thanks  his wife who kept on pushing him over the past years.

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4. Religion

Patrick is Christian, he was born and raised by a Christian family.  He said being raised as a Christian helped him to be a man he is today. Patrick was passionately involved in church activities. He is also a member and  choir conductor at Saint Paul’s Anglican church and  served in the stewardship Ministry. [2]

5. Personal life of Patrick

Patrick is in a relationship according to his relationship status on his Facebook account.  It is unknown who is he Inlove with and whether they are married or just in a relationship.  Nothing much is known about his private life so we don’t know any children of him and  if he has how many are they. We hope to update our information as soon as we find more about him.

6. Social media of Patrick Sanku Bokaba

Patrick is on the following social media platforms, facebook and Instagram. He is on Facebook as Patrick Sanku Bokaba. He has 2.2 likes his page and 2. 3K followers. Patrick is on Instagram @patrick_sanku_bokaba. He has 122 posts with 2040 followers and is following 336. It is unknown if  he has a Twitter and YouTube channel.

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