Chrissy B AKA Tariro hit maker all you need to know

1. Who is Chrissy B

Who exactly is Chrissy 3
Image of Chrissy

Chrissy B real name Christopher Blessing Isaac is a Zimbabwean singer best known for his hit single Tariro.

2. Date and place of birth

Chrissy B was born in Kadoma, in Zimbabwe. on his interview on Youtube he didn’t  mention his date of birth, we can’t eve estimate it so it is definetetly uknknown. Chrissy B is a Zimbabwean citizen but his father is from Zambia his mother is a zimbabwean. [1]

3. Education of Chrissy B

He went to Kuredza primary school in Kadoma. Chrissy then attended Rimuka high 1 in Kadoma from form 1 to form 6. He then stopped from there and neven r proceed and started hustling.

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Chrissy b was raised by his parents from om childhood.  After finishing his form 6 his father passed away. Since he was the elder he had to take care of other siblings he then started hustling. He was helping his mother since he was old enough to find work since the farther was no more.


5. First hustle

He started by playing soccer doing  money games so if they win they would get money.  So he used to help his mother and siblings with that money on the other hand.

6. Music career of Chrissy B

Who exactly is Chrissy B
Image of Tariro hitmaker

He started singing at a tender age in the church.  His mother er would tell him to join the others to sing at the church. He was also inspired through listening to other people songs. He would imitate those songs and people would say he was good at singing. Chrissy b would change other songs to his own lyrics until he started writing his own I’m .

He released his hit single Tariro when he was inspired by his friend and his girlfriend’s love. He said they loved each other so much that even the girl friend would risk to see his friend. Chrissy b would watch them on how they used to do things and love each other that’s when he wrote some lyrics about their love. He used his friend’s girlfriend name Tariro. [2]

7. Personal life

Christopher  didn’t  reveal much information about himself , especially his personal life he couldn’t tell. It is unknown if he is married or not or have children or not. He didn’t tell much about that and we hope to update you as soon as we find more deatails.

8. Social media

Christopher is on Facebook as Christopher chrissy b Isaki. He has no much friends and has no many pictures on his account . It is unkn own if there’s a better account than that. It is not known  how many media platforms he is using at the moment we only know facebook.

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