10 facts about Netsai Anne Muzira

10 facts about Netsai
Image of Netsai Anne Muzira from 4season

1. Get to know who exactly is Anne Muzira

Netsai real name is is Enlight Muzira and she is a Zimbabwean YouTube actress and commedian. She was born in Zimbabwe but we don’t know her date of birth at the moment. No background information about her parents and any relatives or siblings.

2. Where she attended School

She went to Seke High 1 which is situated along the road of Nhaudzao road in Unit D, Chitungwiza, Harare in Zimbabwe. We don’t have details about her primary school education and whether she went tertiary or not.

3. When she started acting

Enlight was raised in Chitungwiza and started her acting in the year of 2017 at Naizaboom films. It is unknown if she had once worked somewhere else before her acting career. She acted with Nb for such a long time before she left in 2023.

4. Marital Status

Netsai is not yet married but she is in a relationship and she stays with her parents and does not have any child either. It is unknown when is she planning to get married or whether she’s ready for it or not.

5. Movies

Netsai acted her first movie Class Yemadofo in 2017. She also acted in various movies including Chekaukama, The poor blind girl, Mjolo, Burried alive, chikombi chema saskum and many more commedy shorts with Naizaboom on YouTube.

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6. Benefits from NB

Enlight was able to work with Naiza boom from 2019 to 2022 and the management was able to buy her car in March 2022. It isĀ  Unknown if was able to do any other things with the salary fromĀ  NB films. We can also say she gained experience from naizaboom since she started her acting there.

7. Collaboration

Netsai also worked with many artists and celebs like Mathias Mhwere when she featured in his song of Check Your Time. She also featured in a song called Honai by Boi Shona. [1]

8. Why Enlight Left Naizaboom

Netsai left Naiza boom October 2023 is currently acting at Four Season Media alongside, Jatiwero, Vhovho, Ozemwa and other new members in their team.

9. Social media

Netsai1 is on Facebook as Netsai from Naizaboom. Her official Facebook is Anne Muzira it is followed by 5517 people. She is also available on Instartedgram @Anne Muzira with 2.8K followers with 13 posts and she is following 90.

10. Current Acting Career

Netsai is currently acting at Four Seasons Media alongside Vhovho, Jatiwero Matemai and Ozemwa. So far the have more than ten sknowits on their channel including dramas. The team is growing as well as they are getting more actors as well.

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