Wayne Mugoti popular As Mukoma Dhimba Biography

Wayne mugoti is a Zimbabwean actor well-known as Mukoma Dimba from Naizaboom films. Wayne was born on in 1998 he is 24 years from Chegutu. Dimba is popular known as mukomana we mabhebhi.

Biography profile of Mukoma Dhimba

Wayne Mugoti Biography

Full name : Wayne Mugoti
Gender : Male
Age : 24 years old
Date of birth : 23 September 1998
Place of birth : C hegutu, Zimbabwe
Nationality : Zimbabwean
Occupation : Actor, Graphic designer
Instagram : Mukoma Dhimba
Facebook : Wayne Mugoti

Early life

Dhimba was born in 1998 in mukomanatu, in Zimbabwe. He grew up in Chitungwiza, Mashonaland Province in Zimbabwe. At this moment we do not have enough information about his early age. We do not know how many children in their family and his parents and relatives are also Unknown. [1]

Education of Wayne Mugoti

Wayne’s educational information is not known. We don’t know if he went to school or not and which schools did he attended. Whether he finished school at primary, Secondary or Varsity is not available but we promise to keep searching and update you as soon as possible.

Career of Wayne Mugoti

Wayne Mugoti Biography
Image of Wayne alongside Netsai

Wayne Mugoti’s first acting scene was at Naizaboom films. He started his acting career in 2016. Wayne is one of the best actors at Naizaboom. Alot of fans likes his acting and character in a way that they always want him to be part of every episode. Since he started working he has participated in many different movies. These movies include Shamwari yepa moyo, Vimbiso, Jemedza and many so far.

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He is a Graphic designer as well. Wayne worked with a lot of artists and music producers, like Freeman, Andy Muridzo, lady squanda and Shintso man. He also edit and shoot videos. Dhimba once worked at Zim famous in 2019 as a Graphic designer.

Personal life

In 2021 he engaged to his wife Daisy Shami on a Christmas weekend in town. Every one of likes Wayne as a fan was very happy and excited as they said it was a very nice thing to do. Nothing much is knownwn about his personal life but Dhimba does not have any Kids at Moment.

Social media of Wayne Mugoti

Wayne Mugoti is available on Facebook as Wayne Mugoti (Mukoma Dhimba). Wayourne have 1.7 K followers . Dhimba is also available on Instagram @Mukoma Dhimba. He have 129 posts with 10K followers. He is following 386. You can follow these social media platforms for more information so that you can get to know Wayne much more and better.

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