Who exactly is Sabelo Radebe AKA Magolide From Smoke and Mirrors

Sabelo Radebe is a South African actor, dancer and musician. Sabelo is currently known for playing the role of Magolide on Smoke and Mirrors etv sopie opera at 9 pm.

Biography profile of Sabelo Radebe

Sabelo Radebe Biography
Image of Ernest Radebe

Full name : Sabelo Ernest Radebe
Gender : Male
Age : Unknown
Date of birth : Unknown
Place of birth : Johannesburg, Gauteng province
Nationality : South African
Occupation : Actor, Musician and dancer
Instagram : @sabelo_mthi
Facebook : Sabelo Ernest Radebe

Early life

Sabelo Ernest Radebe was born in South Africa in Johannesburg in Gauteng province. He grew up in Johannesburg and still resides. Nothing much is known about his early life, age or date of birth at the moment. We don’t have information about his parents or who raised him. On Facebook he wrote his cousin’s name Lisema Sam and Sister Sylvia Rose Radebe. [1]

Education of Sabelo Radebe

Sabelo went to Morris Isaacson High School and it must be where he wrote his matrick. After high school he went to Varsity at Tshwane University of Technology. Sabelo is a graduate even we don’t know where he attended his primary school education.

Career of Sabelo Radebe

Sabelo is an actor even though we don’t know when and where was his debut in acting. Sabelo is currently acting the role of Magolide on Smoke and Mirrors. He was acting as Mamiki’s boyfriend who works as a barman. Currently him and Mamiki are separated as he was once cheating him with another woman because she was rich.

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Sabelo must have started acting in theatres according to his Instagram posts. There is no background information about his acting career yet. He is also a musician by the name Dj Mthi. There’s no information about his music as well. He is also dancer he must be good at dancing you can follow him on his Social media platforms. [2]

Personal life of Sabelo

Sabelo Radebe Biography
Image of Sabelo and his Girlfriend

Sabelo is in love with his fellow actress on Smoke and Mirrors Kgaogelo Monama. He always posts her on his Soccer Media platforms. He posts him on his Instagram and Facebook saying how much he appreciate, adore and love her as she is his Queen, Friend, lover and everything. We don’t know how many children he has but on his Instagram he said his also a father.

Social media

Sabelo is on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. On Instagram it is @sabelo_mthi with 109 posts. He has 4,3K followers and following 736. He has a Facebook account at Sabelo Ernest Radebe and a Facebook page with 894 likes and 1K followers. On Twitter we don’t have information and he posts himself, friends, family and his girlfriend on these Platforms.

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