Oscar Mgudlwa Biography, age, education, career and personal life, Social media

Oscar Mgudlwa born 29 December 1975 is a South African actor and comedian best known for acting on the movie Madluphuthu as Madluphuthu, she recently portrayed the role of Jupiter on The Black Door.

Biography profile of Oscar Mgudlwa

Oscar Mgudlwa Biography
Image of Oscar

Full name : Vuyo Oscar Mgudlwa
Gender : Female
Age : 48 years old
Date of birth : 29 December 1975
Place of birth : Johannesburg, Gauteng province
Nationality : South African
Occupation : Actor, Comedian, musician and songwriter
Instagram : @omgudlwa
Facebook : Oscar Madluphuthu Mgudlwa

Early life of Oscar Mgudlwa

Oscar Mgudlwa was born on the 29 December 1975. He was born in Johannesburg, Daveton, East Rand, Gauteng province in South Africa. Oscar was raised by his parents but his father died when he was 13. His mother died later and he has three sisters. He took over 15 years to make a mark for himself. Oscar has 3 brothers Sipho, Xolani, and Nocollege Mgudlwa. [1]


Oscar went to Hulwazi Secondary school in Johannesburg. He also studied at Richfield Graduate Institute of Technology. Nothing much is known about his previous education at lower grades and nothing much is known furthermore.

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Personal life

According to Oscar’s Facebook account, he is in a relationship but the name of his partner is unknown. It is Unknown how old is their relationship and whether they are married or not. We also don’t have information about their children and how many are they.

Career of Oscar Mgudlwa

Oscar Mgudlwa Biography
Image of Oscar Mgudlwa with fellow actors

Oscar made an album in 1998 with Mina Nawe’s Man Child. He released two albums on his own and he failed. This forced him to find piece jobs and he found one at Pick n Pay to sweep the floor. He was produced by low-budget movie owned by Chicco Thwala a former musician and now a filmmaker.

Oscar popularity came through the movie Moruti wa Tsotsi whose starring was Senyaka kwaito artist. These local movies produced by Thwala dominated talks in taxis and trains. Oscar acted in many local movies including Phuthe as foreign boy. Recently he had been portraying the role of Jupiter on The Black door series on etv which is now known as Isitha, The Enemy. [2]

Social media of Oscar

Oscar is available on these social media platforms, Facebook and Instagram and others are unknown. On Instagram it is @omgudlwa with 10 posts and 296 followers it must be an old account not yet sure and is following 43. He is on Facebook with 4.6K friends. He is postsĀ  his pictures and music groups and other collaborations.

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