Lillian Chikoka Known as Svinurai age, early life career and social media

Lillian Chikoka is a Zimbabwean actress, fashion model, commedia and singer well-known for portraying the role of Svinurai on NB films.

Biography profile of Lillian Chikoka

Lillian Chikoka Biography
Image of Svinurai from Naizaboom

Full name : Lillian Chikoka
Gender : Female
Age : Unknown
Date of birth : 12 December
Place of birth : Masvingo province, Zimbabwe
Nationality : Zimbabwean
Occupation : Actress, singer and comedian
Instagram : tete svinurai
Facebook : Lillian Chikoka4
YouTube : Tete Svinurai

Early life and personal life of Lillian Chikoka

Lillian was born in Masvingo province in Zimbabwe. She was born and raised in Masvingo. Lillian wasa singer using instruments called Mbira in shona and hosho(shakel). Lillian is a married woman with one child which is a boy. Nothing much is known deep about her personal life and background. We have no information about her parents or any family members and relatives. We will dig up the information and update you as soon as possible.

Education of Lillian Chikoka

It is unknown when and where exactly did Lillian attend her primary and Secondary school. It is as well not known if she finished school and was able to persue her tertiary education. We assume that she attended school in Masvingo as she was born and raised there.

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Lillian Chikoka Biography
Image of Lillian and her son

Lillian started by doing some skits on YouTube like Shamu Ku SlayQueen, Hamunyare Pachenachena, and many skits. She also acted films like Wedding disaster as Auntie, Chikombi chema Saskam as Lady from Masvingo, Stubborn Pregnant as an Auntie as well. When we look at many films she acted she acted as Auntie mostly she must be nailing the character.

She acted in Mjolo as a Maid, life In The Village as Ozemwa’s wife. Lillian also acted on the most viewed film on YouTube The Blue egg. Lillian is also a singer she sang a song featuring Solo from Naizaboom. She also released Muteuro, Ndinotemba Newe featuring Scatter and Tivanyadzise. She is also a fashion Model you can follow her on Facebook. [2]

Social media of Lillian Chikoka

Lillian is on Facebook as Lillian Chikoka ( Chillez) with 2.1 K followers. She posts her beautiful pictures there and her son. She is available on Social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Tiktok and you tube. On Tiktok you can follow her @lillie654 and YouTube is tete Svinurai tv. You can visit the above media platforms and you can search her music on Youtube as well at tete Svinurai Tv. She is also on tiktok and if you want to see her more catch her acting on NB films.

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