Meet Alex Sono AKA Reggie from Ubettina wethu full Biography

Alex Sono is a South African actor, rapper, producer and filmmaker born 22 September 1998. He is currently known for playing the role of Reggie on etv soap Ubettina wethu.

Biography profile of Alex Sono

Alex Sono Biography
Image of Alex Sono aka Reggie from Ubettina

Full name : Alex Sono
Gender : Male
Age : 25 years old
Date of birth : 22 September 1998
Place of birth : Johannesburg, Gauteng province South Africa
Nationality : South African
Known as : Reggieie on Ubettina wethu
Instagram : Alex Sono
Facebook : Alex Sono

Early life of Alex Sono

Alex was born on the 22 September 1998. He was born in Johannesburg, Gauteng province in South Africa. Alex is currently living in Johannesburg. Nothing much is known about his family and his background. We don’t know whether how many siblings he have or any other relatives.

Education of Alex Sono

We don’t know where exactly did he attend he primary school. Alex attended Bracken High school that’s were he finished and Matriculated as the Class of 2016. He studied at Wits University of the Witwatersrand from 2017 up to December 13, 2022 when he graduated his Masters in Film and TV with distinction. He also have a specialty in fact fiction experimental in directing and writing. [1]

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Career of Alex

Alex Sono Biography
Image of musician Alex Sono

Alex started acting at the age of three in commercials and TV shows. Alex has participated in many shows like Rhythm City, Jozi H, Saints and Sinners, and the most recent one is The South African Adaptation of Ugly Betty, Ubettina Wethu. Alex’s love for performing drew him to the theatre productions and performances. As he won the Wits O week Festival he performed at the National Arts Festival in 2019. At the University of of Gothenburg in Sweden he went to spent the first Semester of his Honours in Film as part of Linnes Palme Exchange Program.

As a filmaker his work includes film and TV award winning documentaries. These documentaries are entitled The Revolutionary Act of 2018 and My father’s Son of 2019. His collaborative graduate film was chosen for the different Festivals in 2021 including the International Documentary Film Festival. He also worked for Joburg Theatre 60th Celebration as an assistant Director under the Joburg Theatre Artistic ( James Ngcobo). Alex is also a Dj and asinger. If you Google his music you will find a lot of it. You can even find it on YouTube as well. [2]

Social media

Alex is on Instagram and Facebook and his username is Alex Sono on both accounts. Alex posts pictures of himsel, friends and colleagues. He is followed by 2.6K on Instagram with 127 posts and he is following 1.7K . He is also available on YouTube you can see and listen to  his music videos there also.

Networth of Alex Sono

Alex’s networth must be above  R600 000 though we don’t know the actual one at the moment.  We don’t have any details about his monthly salary  thefore we are unable to calculate his Networth. We will try to find more about his salary and update you.

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